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About VA Web

From researching and booking your travel and holiday arrangements to bookkeeping your company accounts and designing your website, the list of what I can do for you is sheer endless.


Achieving your Goals

Time is Money

Time-management plays an important role in achieving your goals. But there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day. That’s where I come in; reduce your workload and release time.

The Smart Choice

Reduce Costs - the Smart Choice

Save money by streamlining processes and reducing overheads. Say “no” to increased office space rental, payroll expenses and training costs, but pay only for the time effectively spent on tasks.

Thriving Relationships

Working Together

It is our mission to strengthen client relationships by understanding your needs and offering timely responses. Exceptional communication and exceeding your expectations are at the core of our business.


We Love our Planet

How can we help to fight climate change? Very simple, by working with a virtual assistant you can reduce CO2 emissions by avoiding travel to your offices for work that can be completed remotely.